Everything You Need to Know About Using a Gua Sha

Watch out, Ladies, there's a new skincare gadget in town! You may have noticed your favourite celebs, influencers, and YouTubers employing the well-known Gua Sha tool in their skincare regimes. However, if you want to learn more about the Gua Sha movement before jumping on board, you've come to the perfect place!

What is a Gua Sha?

A Gua Sha is a flat, semi-precious stone instrument used to massage the face. Even though the Gua Sha face tool has just been popular, it is far older than you might assume. This modern face scraping technique is based on Gua Sha, an ancient Chinese medicinal treatment.

Gua means to press or stroke, while Sha means to be red. The redness caused by scraping, according to early practitioners, promotes the skin to mend itself. While modern-day Gua Sha is less harsh, it will nonetheless leave you with a well-sculpted face and other amazing outcomes!

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What are the Benefits of a Gua Sha?

You will notice the following benefits after using a Gua Sha properly and regularly:

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE- Puffiness, puffy skin, exhaustion, acne, and other skin disorders can be caused by a sluggish lymph system. Because lymph circulation can only be increased through muscle movement or massage, utilising a Gua Sha is the greatest technique to do it.

DEALS WITH CYSTIC ACNE- A prevalent myth is that a Gua Sha cannot be used to treat acne. By reducing congestion and boosting circulation, the Gua Sha tool can help minimise acne flare-ups, redness, and size. Just keep in mind that you should never use a Gua Sha on injured skin or pustules.

FIGHTS ACNE SCARS- The Gua Sha sends new blood to the skin's surface, which renews skin cells and reduces the visibility of acne scars. Use your Gua Sha on Martiderm's Vitamin C Serum or Sukin's Rosehip Oil for effective and speedy results.

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REDUCES PUFFINESS- Because the Gua Sha eliminates lymph and other fluids from your face, it tightens and becomes more chiselled.

SAY GOODBYE TO DARK CIRCLES AND DULL COMPLEXION - Improved blood circulation results in fewer dark circles and a more youthful appearance.

SOFTENS WRINKLES AND FINE LINES - The Gua Sha relaxes your rigid facial muscles and tissues, smoothing away the indications of ageing.

CONTOURS & SCULPTS JAWLINE AND CHEEKBONES - Scraping the Gua Sha on your face in the proper method will result in a defined jawline and cheekbones. With time, your face will begin to seem naturally contoured!

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How to Find your Gua Sha?

Gua Shas come in a variety of shapes and materials, with each serving a specific purpose. We've compiled a list of common forms and materials, as well as their benefits and applications, to assist you in finding your ideal Gua Sha!

Based On Materials: 

  • ROSE QUARTZ - This lovely colour is related to feelings, compassion, and love. It is most suited for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles as well as removing toxins and negativity from the body.
  • BLACK OBSIDIAN - This material has the most powerful elements of fire, water, and earth, which clears the body of negative ideas and emotions. It restores the skin's radiance. It is also in charge of gradually healing and strengthening muscular tissues.
  • JADE - This crystal restores any existing imbalances. It stimulates lymphatic drainage and minimises puffiness.
  • AMETHYST - It eliminates negativity and tension by producing negative ions due to its negative charge. It cools the skin and tightens the pores.

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How to use your Gua Sha?

1. Before you begin, thoroughly clean your Gua Sha instrument with water and soap. If desired, place it in the refrigerator for a few hours to provide additional cooling and calming to your skin.

2. Cleanse your face and apply your preferred serum, face oil, or moisturiser. To avoid irritation from the Gua Sha, your skin should be slick with some cream.

3. Firmly grasp your tool in the proper position. The curved part should hug your skin's curves, while the flat part should lay on your skin.

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