How Jade Spike Roller Can Help Smoothen And Glow Your Skin

Jade spike face rollers have been used for millennia, dating back to seventh-century China, when the stone was thought to have medicinal and protective characteristics. The art, like other beauty tactics that have stood the test of time, is in the simplicity of a jade roller. The method is quite simple: It has an oblong stone of pure jade that is normally an inch to an inch and a half long and is attached to a handle with a metal frame, similar to a paint roller.

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Many variations are dual-ended, with a tiny stone on the other end for usage in smaller locations, such as around the eyes. Some models also have a textured surface, which adds to the massaging element. And the massage component is important.

What is Jade Spike Roller?

Jade Roller is a cleansing stone that has been utilised in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years to help the body's lymphatic and filtration systems eliminate pollutants. Face rejuvenation is another advantage. The spiky roller is intended to provide a more intense massage to aid with lymph drainage and blood flow.

This will reduce puffiness while also toning muscles and plumping out wrinkles. This spiked jade roller is ideal for places that require more stimulation. Regular usage on the face reduces the appearance of toxin-caused patches around the chin and jawline.

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Roll the rollers over your face, feet, legs, arms, and decollete. They can be used alone or in tandem with a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, or reflexology treatment. They can be served cold or hot.

   •  Face blood circulation is increased, and puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles        around the eyes are minimised.
   •  Lymphatic flow is increased, which aids in detoxification and drainage.
   •  Acupuncture and responsive sites on the body are stimulated to aid in  healing.

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How to Use Jade Spike Roller?

For 5-10 minutes, gently glide the Spiked Jade Roller over clean skin 2-3 times per day. The roller is moved by simply pushing the skin with the roller's weight. There is no need for or benefit from greater pressure. To facilitate deeper penetration of skincare products, use before putting on make-up or while applying creams.

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Forehead - Begin at the hairline and roll slowly towards the ear, starting in the centre of the forehead and moving left or right. Repeat 3–6 times more over the same region.

Work the lids and under-eye area with the tiny roller. With the little roller, continue rolling in strips from the corner of the eye to the ear.

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Dampen a washcloth and microwave for about 10 seconds to relieve nasal pain and pressure. Apply to your brow, eyes, and cheeks. Then, using the smaller roller, roll from the centre of your face down to just below your cheekbones, beginning just above your brows.

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Jade may be cleaned by wiping it gently with a soft moist towel and then drying it with an absorbent soft cloth. It is a good idea to leave it on a cloth or towel for a few minutes after washing to ensure that it is totally dry before storing it. Never use excessively hot water to clean Jade or soak it in water. Also, do not use harsh chemicals or cleaning agents on Jade because they can degrade the sheen and polish.

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