Do You Need a Jade Roller to De-Puff Your Face?

What exactly is a jade roller? You've probably seen one on Instagram or while rummaging through a friend's medicine cabinet and not given it much thought. Jade rolling devotees extol their circulation-boosting abilities, as well as the resulting anti-ageing and de-puffing benefits.

What is a jade roller supposed to do?

This device could be made of any stone or plastic from a functional standpoint. However, there is an ancient Chinese tradition here in which jade is believed to purify the skin while also having healing and holistic properties. When gently massaged into the face muscles, it reduces puffiness and swelling while increasing lymphatic drainage. Daily practice is thought to result in fewer fine lines and wrinkles, as well as a brighter and clearer complexion. You can even use it to apply a serum daily.

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Does it work?

After a week of rolling, I noticed my skin tightening and my facial circulation increasing. In the long run, it all depends on how faithful you are. Like any skincare product or regimen, you must stick to it and keep your de-puffed eyes on the prize. It's the anti-ageing game, so keep in mind that the goal is to look younger for longer. 

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How does one properly jade roll?

Clean it before and after use: Otherwise, you're just reintroducing yesterday's grime into your pores.

Technically, you can use it anywhere: Applied directional pressure is amazing!

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Roll from the inside out: Symmetrically divide your face in half. Begin rolling with the roller in the middle of the forehead or near the nose, and work your way out. Any swelling should be moved away from the centre of your face. You can also work at an angle, such as from the chin to the jawline. Make upward and downward strokes across the brow and the chin.

Instead of rolling back, lift the device and bring it back to the centre with each motion.

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Benefits can be magnified by applying serum to your face and then rolling over the top to push it deep into your pores.

Use the small end for sensitive or limited-space situations: The smaller stone is intended for use near the eyes or mouth. There's no need to wrap a two-inch gemstone around your crow's feet...

Be Gentle: This isn't a capillary-bursting contest.

If we think about the emotions we carry in our faces, such as a frown or a headache, or how our skin reflects our inner tensions, we can use jade to relieve the displaced tension and transform it into a radiant and natural glow.

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