Online jade crystal beauty tool in India

Jade is considered the stone of eternal youth. Metaphysically, Jade carries healing energy that brings harmony and balance. Traditionally, jade has been believed to hold healing properties and to promote balance and peace for the mind and body. An ancient Chinese tool made of natural stone that has been incorporated in skincare rituals as far back as the 7th century, the jade facial roller is designed to massage the face for a cooling feeling, anti-inflammatory, and lymph draining impact.


Feel the healing touch of 100% genuine and certified natural jade stone. This elegantly created Face Rituals Jade facial roller is the perfect tool to provide a gentle, powerful massage for your entire face and neck region. Using a massaging jade roller often serves to free tension stored in your face. Gentle pressure and motion also promote circulation, which plumps and firms skin and gives you a glowing face.


Crystal face roller is a massaging tool that has great benefits for skin bringing circulation to the skin and can help relieve stress in the face. It gives your face an irresistible and luxurious massage every time you use it. Use it twice daily to maintain youthful, firm, vibrant and glowing skin. Make sure to clean the roller before and after you use it. Also, be gentle and don't press it down hard on your skin.

The medicinal property of the Jade stone, coupled with the rolling actions.

●Dual headed jade roller
●Boosts collagen production
●Promotes lymphatic drainage
●Strengthen and tones facial muscles
●Aids absorption of skincare products
●Minimizes fine lines and pores
●Increases blood flow while re-energizing the skin
●Reduces puffiness
●Helps stimulate and rejuvenate skin elasticity
●Releases stress and tension in facial muscles

How Do Jade Rollers Work?

After cleansing your skin and implementing whatever skincare results you typically use. You need to roll your face in an outward motion. Light pressure can work to drain lymphatic fluids, while light to medium pressure can help products penetrate more difficult and boost blood flow. The movements help improve blood circulation and collagen production to sustain a youthful glow serving as a sort of facial on the daily for a firming effect, Park suggests starting with the cheekbones and moving outwards. Then, go against the jawline to create more shape and definition. later, move the roller jawline the back of your ears toward the clavicle, allowing the excess fluids to drain down to the lymphatic system.

When Should You Use a Jade Roller?

The beauty of this ritual is that it's a great addition to any day or nighttime skincare routine. In the a.m., a chilled jade roller can be made sleepy, puffy eyes look refreshed, while in the p.m., the facial massaging tool is great for calming inflammation in the skin.

Do Jade Rollers Have Any Side Effects?

Jade rollers are safe to use every day, and for all skin types. Jade rollers also won't help with passionate skin diseases like eczema or rosacea.

Online jade crystal beauty tool in India

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