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What exactly is blotting paper?

The blotting paper has great advantages for the skin - it is built of extremely absorbent stuff so any fluid that is in excess will be quickly removed using this material, which is why it is so helpful for getting rid of any of that oil or sebum that stays on your skin. Blotting paper is usually coated in salicylic acid, a material that is known to stop the creation of acne and other blemishes. It serves to reduce the shine that tends to develop on your face as the day goes by, making your face oil-free. They're also super convenient getting folded in little packs, they take up no place in your purse, making it simple for you to carry them wherever you go.


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Dromen co Green tea Bloating Paper

Dromen & Co Apothecary Green tea blotting paper is infused with natural green tea extracts and 100% real pulp. Specifically developed for hot and sticky environments, this fragile paper is perfect for oily skin. The paper absorbs excess oil and dirt from the surface of your skin. The green tea flecks/extracts have skin clearing properties and cure acne. It eliminates the excess shine from the face and gives a subtle matte look.

· Green tea infused blotting paper

· Removes excess oil from face

· Helpful for convenient touch-ups

· Gives a fresh matte look

· Use all over face and neck: especially the t-zone area if its excessively oily

· Includes 50 blotting sheets

· Perfect for oily skin

How to Use Green Bloating Paper?

Once you have pulled out a single sheet from the pack, place it on an area that you feel is especially shiny or oily the main area that tends to accumulate oil is your T-zone (which comprises of the nose, forehead, and chin). Leave the blotting paper in place for a few seconds, keeping it the whole time to make sure that the sheet stays in one place and does not rub any of your makeup off. Once you feel that it has been in the oily area for sufficient time, remove the sheet as swiftly as you can. You'll be able to tell if you have made this right if you find that you face is instantly mattified, and also if you see that the sheet has become transparent – this means that it is full of oil.

Benefits Of Using Bloating Paper

●Setting Your Make-up - If reapplying make-up during the day is not an option, use blotting papers after applying sunscreen or your cream-based, liquid make-up, or foundation. The blotting papers will absorb any excess oil in these products and help set your make-up for long-lasting wear.

●Make Your Lipstick Last - After you apply your lipstick, blot with blotting paper, and then apply another coat. The blotting paper will absorb the oils and emollients from the lipstick while leaving the pigment on your lips. This will help make your lipstick stay on longer and give it a matte finish.

●Replace Your Dry Shampoo - Forgot to pack your dry shampoo in your gym bag? Give your blotting papers a try! To help with limp, post-workout hair, take a couple of pieces of your blotting paper, and rub it on your scalp and hair to absorb any excess oils and freshen up your locks.

Why green tea blotting paper is the best way to get oil off your face

There are a lot of people who appear to think that tissue or wet wipes work just as well for eliminating all the oil off of the face – though, this simply isn't true. Blotting paper is great for oily skin because it is specially designed to be absorbent, and will get rid of any excess oil a lot better than regular tissue. In addition to this, you'll find that using a tissue or a wet wipe will mean that you ought to redo your makeup, whereas using a sheet of this extremely thin material will leave all products completely intact on your face.