jade roller benefits

What Is a Jade Roller?

Jade rollers aren't a new skincare discovery. They've been utilised in Chinese skincare routines since the 7th century, and are proven to have healing and shielding qualities. The handheld massagers are usually dual-ended with two jade stone tops that roll over the face.

How Does a Jade Roller Benefit Your Skin?

Jade rollers have proven to boost blood flow, reduce swelling, and can help cosmetics penetrate deeper into the skin. They're supposed to be a fast, easy remedy for daily skincare struggles like dark under-eye circles and puffiness. The increased flow can also help polish out fine lines and wrinkles. A jade roller can be used at room temperature or refrigerated.

The pressure and cold of the roller help to enhance flow and increase lymphatic drainage. They also can assist to provisionally improve puffiness or help to rub in topical creams.

On top of the skincare benefits, jade stones are said to be calming, so using one can potentially enhance your mood. You are also getting the advantages of jade. It is a conventional stone that soothes the mind and releases negative thoughts.

How Do Jade Rollers Work?

After cleansing your skin and applying whatever skincare products you typically use. You want to roll your face in an outer motion. Light pressure can work to remove lymphatic fluids, while light to medium pressure can help products drill deeper and boost blood flow. The movements help increase blood circulation and collagen production to maintain a youthful glow serving as a sort of mini facial on a daily. 

For a firming effect, dromenco recommends commencing with the cheekbones and impelling outwards. Then, go against the jawline to create more contour and definition. Then, move the roller down the back of your ears toward the clavicle, allowing the excess fluids to drain down to the lymphatic system.