A Guide to The Different Materials of Gua Sha Stones

What is Gua Sha?

Gua means "to scrape" in the Chinese language while Sha means "a reddish skin rash". In Gua Sha, painful spots in the body are identified via acupressure or acupuncture points. Then, special Gua Sha tools are used to scrape the skin in strokes. The sha springs up and although it looks scary and painful to an unknowing onlooker, it is painless and will fade in 2-3 days. More importantly, the sha rash releases deteriorating blood and lymph thus promoting circulation and accelerated healing.

Why Gua Sha Therapy is Popular?

You might have heard about Gua Sha earlier. Yes, you are right! It is the traditional Chinese Medicine that has been practised for centuries. It will not be an overstatement to say that this therapy is now overtaking the beauty industry by strides. This therapy needs a flat handheld tool to drag across the skin to bring new blood to the surface. Even it is used for relaxing facial muscles, promoting lymphatic drainage and for many other purposes.

How to choose an ideal gua shah tool?

Gua Sha tools are made from various types of materials.
Here's what you look for while choosing the type of material for your Gua Sha tools.
  • Resonation / Ultrasonic Pulses Ultrasonic vibrations are produced from friction between the body and any kind of material, which is, in this case, our Gua Sha tool. The number of ultrasonic pulses and their frequencies varies depending on the type of material used. The higher the value, the better the resonation with the body.

  • Weight You need to apply pressure when doing the necessary scraping. Some prefer to use a heavier weighted tool because you'll need to apply less pressure when scraping. Others prefer a medium-weighted tool because they find it easier to move across the body.

  • Durability Once you get into Gua Sha, we reckon you'll be doing it for a long time as it helps with everything from stress to hair loss to wrinkles. (Just about anything you can think of!) As such, you'd want to think about getting a good implement that will last. Not all tools are created equal due to their material and some are more fragile than others.

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Skin Health Benefits of Gua Sha

You might have heard that Gua Sha is used for treating chronic pain, which is the symptom of many health issues in humans. As mentioned earlier, this Gua Sha Therapy is taking over the beauty industry. Now, your question will be how will it promote skincare?

The benefits of this technique for skin are wider. For example, it is known to improve complexion and smoothness in the skin. Above all, with this therapy, you will get a more defined jawline. Even, you will achieve firmer skin and it will help with addressing skin wrinkles as well.

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Gua Sha Therapy involves scraping the skin and it is guided by the theory of meridian acupoints in traditional Chinese Medicine. With the help of the right, Gua Sha Tool dipped in the right medium along with the right scraping techniques will bring many benefits to the users.

If you plan to get the right tool to get this therapy done on your skin, you can consider the points discussed above such that you can end up with one of the best Gua Sha Tools. It is better to get the therapy done by a trained professional, rather than trying it on your own.

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