Jade Face Roller

What Do Jade Rollers Claim to Do?
Jade face rollers and gua sha massage tools can be made of jade or quartz stone both operate on the identical machine and it's their massaging effects, not the composition of the stones used themselves, that provide any advantages.
Jade rollers are supposed to do anything from sculpting, toning, and firming skin to increasing flow, improving glow, decreasing puffiness, minimizing fine lines, enhancing flexibility, detoxifying, and helping skincare products penetrate better. It's a long list, so we have to ask
Do Jade Face Rollers Work?
There is currently no clinical research that proves jade rolling or gua sha massage have any advantageous effects for skin, so more research is required to prove their results. But the methods may relax facial tissues and provide a cooling feeling on the skin, and the massage could have a firming advantage over time. Gua sha may also help boost blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
How Do You Use a Jade Roller?
Jade rolling is a homely technique derived from old Chinese beauty routines utilising a roller to apply force to the skin and underlying tissue, creating flow underneath the surface. Jade rolling is like a foam-rolling your face, although it isn't as uncomfortable as going through tight muscles on your body. If it hurts, you're def doing it wrong.
So what is the right way to use a jade roller?
Hint: not like a paint roller on a wall. Instead of pushing the tool back and forth and in every which way, Work in specific directions depending on what you're attempting to target. After hydrating your skin to prep, follow her steps for face rolling, below:
1. Neck: Begin with the neckline to open arteries of flow. Place the roller in the back at the top of your neck, and roll downwards along the edges. Then, drive to the front and roll from the jawline below to the collarbone.
2. Cheeks: Place the roller in the middle of your face, and push its outer side toward the edges.
3. Forehead: Roll from your hairline down to your eyebrow. Then, take the roller between your eyebrows and pull it horizontally toward your temple and repeat on the other eyebrow.
4. Eyes: Gently roll horizontally from the outer corner of your eye toward the inner corner and repeat on the other eye.
How Often Should You Use a Jade Roller?
It's essential to note that the effects won't last forever, so to see any results, you'll have to keep it up. use your jade roller daily and whenever you do your skincare routine.
Jade rolling is a good first step for anyone interested in natural skincare, but if you're looking for a tool and technique for a more sculpted look.