How to Work With Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz device is used as a soothing treatment to rub your face and body. Rose quartz is commonly known as the "Healer of the heart" and one of the big mesmerizing crystal. Rose quartz can help decrease anxiety and tension in the body. It reduces soreness, ties, and tiredness from your body and increases elasticity while detoxifying the skin. It can also be employed for sagging skin, scars and lines.

If you're seeing to promote your inner and external beauty ritual or just seeking for the most advanced Zen sense, look no further than a crystal facial roller. They're quickly becoming the latest must-have tool and for great reason.



Not only do crystals have unique vibrational qualities and dynamic powers that are great for our health, wellbeing and skin, and they more help restore, balance and heal the mind and soul.

Rose quartz facial roller features two rose quartz crystals, though, you can find others made with jade, tourmaline or amethyst stones. It's also a powerful medicinal stone that can assist to promote self-love, ease tension and ward off negative sentiments. In the long-term, all of the certain factors can add to premature ageing and be damaging to the skin.

Benefits of a Rose Quartz Facial Roller

If you're looking to elevate your inner and outer vision ritual or just running for the latest zen sense, look no further than a crystal facial roller.

1. It'll Soothe the Skin

The crystal releases a vibration which releases pressure calms redness and promotes cell renewal.

2. It'll Help With Puffiness

The rolling system twin as a lymphatic drainage massage, increasing blood circulation and exciting oxygen to enter deep into the folds of the skin. This helps remove any trapped contagions as well as exciting collagen production.

3. It'll Banish Dark Circles

The rose quartz softens wrinkles and renews the skin's elasticity, giving your complexion a radiant glow.

How to Work With Rose Quartz Roller?

The facial rollers are easy to use – especially in connection with a balm or facial oil. It's necessary to use outward and upstrokes, increasing pressure as wanted. For ultimate skin healing and restoration, follow up your facial massage with the employment of your favourite cream, serum or treatment protection.

Beauty Tip:

Place the rose quartz roller in the fridge the coolness will further aid in lymphatic drainage, calming inflamed delicate skin. It is the best hack to de-puff in the morning, especially under the eyes.

What to Look for in a Rose Quartz Facial Roller

As the rollers are crafted from real stone, no two rose quartz rollers are identical. There will always be flaws and exceptions in colour. Learn to look for a crystal roller that comes in a box or pouch, so you can securely and hygienically store it when not in use.