All You Need To Know About Gua Sha Stone

The evolution of the beauty industry amazes me! Recently, what caught my attention is the industry's seamless integration with wellness.

A few years back when my grandmother used to school me about the unmatched benefits of relaxing oils and balms.

Any product that doesn't make feel good will not make look good. The natural glow and radiance make the makeup just a complementing companion.

Recently, facial tools made a promising entry in the world of beauty. So, when Victoria Beckham confessed that she carries a quartz roller in her bag, we all believed it to be good. Jade, quartz, amethyst, and rose quartz, face rollers soon penetrated the beauty industry. Now the next new entrant is gua sha.

But What Is Gua Sha?

The literal translation of gua sha is 'scraping sand'. It originates from ancient China and involves scraping the muscles of the face using an elongated stone. It's supposed to be a therapeutic facial therapy which promises contour-sculpting benefits.

Benefits Of Gua Sha

The upwards and outward sweeping motions of facial gua sha help stimulate blood circulation. The enhanced blood flow around the face and neck not only gives radiant skin but also helps with skin firming and lifting benefits. Even skin tone, smoother complexion and sculpted facial features. Also, these motions help in lymphatic drainage and instantly de-puff the skin.

Does It Live Up To Its Popularity?

According to a recent study by the National Library of Medicine, USA, gua sha increased the microcirculation fourfold, which helps in relaxing tight muscles and relieving pain. Also, an increase in blood flow means more nutrients and lesser toxins promoting healthy and glowing skin.

Apart from the blood circulation, lymphatic drainage also means getting rid of the blockage, which may cause skin infections and breakouts.

So, Should You Invest In One?

If you are planning to try gua sha stone, be aware that you might not see the results immediately. However, regular use may show significant improvement in the cheekbone and under-eye areas.

The improvements also involve sculpted features, reduction in skin problems and brightening of the skin. However, for the wrinkles and fine lines to settle, the gua sha process might take more time. In addition to that, regular massage with the gua sha stone can help relieve sinus headaches, knots in the face and neck, congestion, and allergies.

So, are we saying it's recommended? No! All we are saying is that as spa and facials seem like a far-fetched dream, for now, gua sha is worth a try.