Causes and Solutions For Getting Your Glowing Skin Back

Have you ever had the feeling that your skin isn't quite glowing? Maybe it was just a bad night's sleep, or maybe you have dull skin. You probably know what dull skin looks like, but the term itself is an umbrella term that encompasses lacklustre, non-vibrant, and uneven skin. Various factors can cause it, and determining the cause is the first step toward restoring a more glowing, vibrant complexion. If you're wondering what's causing your blemish, here are seven typical causes and solutions to help you regain your radiance.

Consider how a dry, shrivelled up apple compares to a fresh, wet one. This is what happens to your skin when it is dehydrated. Without moisture, the skin becomes dry, which can make it appear not very interesting. Dry skin also accentuates fine lines and wrinkles. Dry skin can be caused by a lack of moisturizer, dry weather, extended hot showers, and indoor air.

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Excess Dead Skin Cells

The skin naturally eliminates dead skin cells, but the rate at which this occurs lowers as you age. When these dead skin cells accumulate, they obstruct the fresh, new skin beneath from showing through.


The quantity of moisturizer our skin naturally generates diminishes with age, as does collagen synthesis, but melanin production increases, resulting in more dark patches and an uneven skin tone.

Environmental Damage

Sun exposure and environmental pollution generate free radicals in the skin, injuring cells and resulting in excess pigmentation, collagen loss, and skin damage.

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Chronic stress raises cortisol levels in the body and on the skin, which contributes to skin inflammation. It has also been linked to worsening inflammatory skin diseases such as rosacea and acne, but it can also contribute to an uneven, bland complexion.

Lack of Blood Circulation

Consider the natural blush you receive after a jog; your blood rushing causes it. A lack of blood flow implies that fewer nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the skin cells, removing the glow.

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Damaged Lipid Barrier

When your skin appears dull, it could be because the top layer of your skin has been weakened, and moisture is leaking. This occurs when the skin has microscopic, invisible fissures that no longer seal moisture between surface cells.

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Dull Skin Remedies

Apply moisturizer on damp skin

Moisturizing while your skin is still somewhat damp is ideal since it helps retain moisture in your skin. After bathing or showering, blot your skin dry with a towel and immediately apply moisturizer.

Use a facial roller

Then take it a step further by including that facial roller you forgot you had; yep, it does more than look nice on your bathroom counter. Rollers stimulate circulation, which aids in the delivery of fresh blood and nutrients to the skin cells. In addition, many individuals use face rolls over a layer mask to help the elements penetrate more deeply.

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Still, you may also use a roller as the final step in your skincare routine for the same purpose, to increase product intake. Even better, rolling your face over makeup gives your skin a great healthy glow and helps you achieve a more natural, less made-up look.

Keep your roller in the fridge to keep it cool. While most gem rollers are inherently cold, using an extra-cold tool compresses pores and wakes up a tired face at the end of a long day, making it especially useful before a date. It's also fantastic for headaches. You'll see a difference in your face in a couple of weeks if you use it two to three times per week for at least five minutes.

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