A Guide to The Different Materials of Gua Sha Stones

What is Gua Sha?

Gua means "to scrape" in Chinese, whereas Sha denotes "a crimson skin rash." Acupressure or acupuncture points are used in Gua Sha to identify sore places on the body. The skin is then scraped in strokes with special Gua Sha implements.

The sha appears, and although it appears frightening and unpleasant to an uninformed viewer, it is painless and will vanish in 2-3 days. More significantly, the sha rash promotes circulation and accelerates healing by releasing decaying blood and lymph.

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Why Gua Sha Therapy is Popular?

You may have heard about Gua Sha before. Yes, you are correct! Traditional Chinese Medicine has been practised for millennia. It is not an exaggeration to claim that this therapy is rapidly gaining ground in the cosmetic sector.

To bring new blood to the surface of the skin, a flat portable tool must be dragged across the skin. It is also used to relax facial muscles, promotes lymphatic drainage, and for a variety of other purposes.

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How to choose an ideal gua shah tool

Gua Sha tools are created out of a variety of materials.

Here's what to check for when selecting a material for your Gua Sha tools.

Ultrasonic Pulses / Resonation Ultrasonic vibrations are caused by friction between the body and any material, in this example, our Gua Sha tool. The number and frequency of ultrasonic pulses vary depending on the material employed. The greater the value, the greater the resonance with the body.

Weight When conducting the necessary scraping, you must apply pressure. Some people prefer to use a heavier-weighted tool because it requires less pressure when scraping. Others like a tool with a medium weight since it is easier to manoeuvre throughout the body.

Durability We believe that once you've tried Gua Sha, you'll be hooked because it helps with everything from stress to hair loss to wrinkles. (Almost everything you can think of!) As a result, you should consider investing in a high-quality, long-lasting implementation. Because of the materials used, not all tools are made equal, and some are more brittle than others.

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Skin Health Benefits of Gua Sha

You may have heard that Gua Sha is used to relieving chronic pain, which is a sign of many human health concerns. As previously said, Gua Sha Therapy is sweeping the beauty industry.

Your next query will be how it will promote skincare. The advantages of this approach for skin are numerous. It is known, for example, to improve skin tone and smoothness.

Above all, this therapy will give you a more defined jawline. You will also have firmer skin, which will aid in the treatment of skin wrinkles.

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Gua Sha Therapy involves scraping the skin and is based on traditional Chinese Medicine's premise of meridian acupoints. The correct Gau Sha Tool dipped in the right medium, combined with the right scraping procedures, will provide several benefits to users.

If you want to purchase the correct instrument to perform this therapy on your skin, keep the points described above in mind so that you end up with one of the top Gua Sha Tools. It is preferable to have the therapy performed by a skilled professional rather than attempting it on your own.

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