Ultimate Beauty Travel Kit – Must Have Beauty Products For Women

Travel on the cards? If you too are an avid makeup lover as me, you might be struggling trying to ponder on the beauty products you should carry with you for the trip. Narrowing down becomes a challenge specially if it’s an extended trip and you have different occasions for which you wish to change your looks.

When packing your travel make up bag, you will most likely be space constrained. However, this essentially does not mean you have to compromise on your style and beauty regime.

While you need not carry your whole beauty shelf with you, a couple of essential beauty and skin care items should do the trick.

Here is a list of beauty products to carry with you while travelling without feeling the load.

Grab a Good Sunscreen –

While it is not a makeup technically, it’s crucial to carry a good sunscreen preferably in a travel friendly pack. In case you are planning a beach vacation, you would need a water- resistant sunscreen with high SPF.

Now coming to some basic make up you should have in your beauty travel kit.

Foundation – A foundation is essential to build the face canvas. You may opt for a foundation stick in case you do not wish to carry the liquid foundation. A foundation will give you the base for your make up and help create an even complexion while covering pores and marks.

Next comes the Concealer. A great concealer helps hide blemishes, cover acne scars and under eye dark circles. It also helps brighten and highlight your high point as cheekbones, bridge of nose and the centre of your forehead.

Tinted Moisturizer

In case you are really space constrained or wants to keep it very light, instead of foundation and concealer you may opt for a tinted moisturizer and some setting powder. Applying a sheer layer of tinted moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated as well as offer that little coverage. You can apply it using your fingers so this also means packing one less when it comes to make up brushes.

A Setting Powder – In case you are travelling to a place that is warm and humid, a good face powder is something you simply cannot do without. It will not only keep your make up in place but also help combat the oil on your face. For that dew fresh and natural matte look!

Blush – Add some colour to your plain face! I feel make up is incomplete without a hint of blush.  Carry a nude along with a pink shade to complement any look and it goes with every skin tone. Cream blushes are ideal for travel and the best part is they can also be used as your lip colour.

Eye pencil –For me, an eye pencil is my very first makeup essential. Define your eyes with an eye pencil and let them do the talking for you!

 Another eye make-up essential is good Mascara. It won’t add much to your weight but would definitely go a long way in emphasizing your eye makeup by adding that volume, length and depth to your eyelashes.

Striking Eye makeup can add wonders to your overall look. Carry an eyeshadow palette to give your eyes that depth and dimension.

Lipcolors – Try carrying hydrating lipsticks so that you need not carry a lip balm separately. You must carry three to four basic shades – Nude, Mauve, Red and Pink. They should be fine to take care of both your day and night make up.

Do not forget to pack a mini travel brush set for your face and eye makeup. 

I love Facial sprays. They help set the makeup and also offer that instant boost to your face specially when you are on a long ride.

Another item that I feel is a must have in your travel makeup kit is a small travel perfume or roll on for that lingering freshness.

Apart from the makeup essentials, some basic skin care essentials should also be a part of your travel makeup kit, specially in case of travel plans lasting more than a week. After all you would not like to compromise on your everyday skin care regime for long!

Day and Night Cream - Our skin has different requirements during day as opposed to night hence its important that you carry a day cream as well as a night cream. Your day cream with Vitamin C and sun protection gives you an even skin tone and reduces pigmentation.

Night cream on the other hand stresses on skin hydration and repair. Get one with Vit E, essential oils like rose oil or olive oil and moisturizing agents as cocoa butter and honey. Sleep time is when your skin restores and rejuvenates itself and a great night cream helps maintain healthy glowing skin and reduce the signs of aging.

Coconut Oil - You may want to keep a small bottle of pure coconut oil to keep your skin - face, neck, hands, and elbows - hydrated and supple. It increases production of collagen and also reduces inflammation soothing any skin irritation. 

Facial Wipes –

Last but not the least; wet wipes are something you should not miss out. They are extremely handy throughout the journey whether you are in transit as well or layover. Use them to clean your face generally or to remove your make up. They keep you hydrated and feeling fresh!

Hope this list of products helps you organize your make up better and this ultimate travel beauty kit brings a glow to your face without weighing you down literally!

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