The biggest (and weirdest) wellness trends we all witnessed in the 2010s

Everybody became obsessed with the healing power of crystals

They’re in your water bottles, embedded in your bracelets and placed on your bedside tables. Your favourite beauty products—Kora Organics’ Rose Quartz Highlighter, Glossier Haloscope and Dromen and Co Face Roller—all have them in their ingredient lists. How did crystals go from being a new-age hippy-dippy object to a wellness necessity? You can thank the advent of technology for the increase in alternative therapies. Crystals bring a sense of calm in an otherwise chaotic world, and Kristin Petrovich of Sjal Skincare agrees. When we asked her about why she infused crystals into her elixirs, she said, “Just as we resonate with the earth, we resonate and have an electronic exchange with crystals. They vibrate at a higher frequency, which gravitates toward the weaker cells in our body. This energy works within our body’s own energy system, helping to balance and harmonise us.” Whether you believe in their healing powers or not, we can agree that if it makes you give yourself a little more time, what's not to love?

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