Do Jade Rollers Work?


Dr Kiran Kaur Sethi Founder, Isya Aesthetics

“I’m all for trying new beauty tools and I have definitely taken a shine to the gemstone face rollers. From a scientific standpoint, it is a rock...but if you believe ancient cultures, it’s pretty powerful. [Jade rollers have been used in China for centuries to massage the skin.]

But let’s start with facts:

a) Face rollers help all your potent skincare potions sink in better into skin;

b) They help de-puff the face (keep it in the fridge and watch it work like a magic wand!);

c) They also help you efficiently massage facial muscles, stimulating lymphatic drainage.

And all these points are a good enough reason to include this tool in your daily beauty regime. We’ve all heard of facial exercises that can tighten skin, and this tool is a great (and super-easy) way to achieve that. Religious use of face rollers wouldn’t just relax your muscles, but in the long run, will also ensure your skin doesn’t sag.”

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