Rosemary & Lavender Brew Oil


Dromen & Co's Rosemary, Lavender Brew oil is a potent mix of 100% organic herbs and oils. It promotes extreme hair growth, reduces greasiness from the scalp & makes the hair strands thick & lustrous which can withstand any environmental damage. 

Lavender has calming properties to relax the mind & senses. It also helps in reducing bacterial infections from the scalp.

Basil stimulates hair follicles & promotes the production of new healthy hair.

100% pure & natural rosemary essential oil, French lavender essential oil, thyme oil, neem oil, black sesame oil, coconut oil, almond oil and dry basil leaves.

1. Reduce scalp inflammation

2. Stimulate blood supply to hair follicles & strengthen the hair.

3. Promotes extreme hair growth.

4. Prevents head lice.

5. Reduces greasiness.

6. Has anti-bacterial properties