Jojoba Oil

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Enriched with vitamins, minerals & fatty acids, Dromen & Co's 100% pure & natural Jojoba Oil is obtained through wood pressed method. Carefully handpicked from the arid regions of the Thar desert, the structure of Jojoba Oil is similar to our skin's natural oils, making it the ideal oil for a healthy & effective selfcare.

Pure & natural wood pressed Jojoba Oil




  1. Improves skin texture
  2. Delays & reduces the signs of ageing
  3. Deeply hydrates & nourishes the skin with long lasting moisturisation
  4. Heals acne & dark spots
  5. Does not clog pores


  1. Repairs damaged hair
  2. Stops premature greying
  3. Removes excess sebum that clogs scalp pores
  4. Maintains scalp pH level
  5. Controls oily dandruff