Which One Should You Choose: Face Wash Vs Cleanser ?

Face wash and cleanser may seem interchangeable, but they serve different purposes. While both are used for facial cleansing, they employ different methods. Typically, cleansers are more hydrating compared to face washes, according to experts. It's crucial to select the appropriate one based on your skin type and needs. Let's explore the distinctions between these products and delve into the Natural face wash versus cleanser debate.

Cleanser vs Face Wash: What are they?

A face cleanser comes in various textures like creamy, clay-like, or gel-like. It helps to clean, moisturize, and soothe your skin. On the other hand, a natural face wash deeply cleanses the pores of your skin. It typically has a foamy texture and lathers up when applied to damp skin. Normally, you use a face cleanser at night to remove makeup, dirt, and oils. Unlike traditional soaps, face washes provide a thorough cleanse. To feel completely refreshed, you need to rinse off the foam with water. However, with cleansers, there's no need to rinse with water; you can simply wipe off with a wet tissue or towel.

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Differences between Cleanser and Face wash

No one wins or loses in this battle of cleanser vs face wash. Each one has its benefits. Let us look at the differences between cleansers and face wash based on various aspects.


Face wash is ideal for oily and acne-prone skin as it effectively cleanses pores and eliminates stubborn oil, dirt, and grime. On the other hand, for dry and sensitive skin, face cleansers are a better choice as they are gentle, hydrating, and mild. However, if you have combination skin, you can opt for either a double cleanse with both products or choose one that suits your preference.


Face wash creates foam when applied to a wet face, providing a lathering effect similar to regular soap for a refreshing and deeply cleansed feeling. In contrast, cleansers do not lather and do not require rinsing. They typically come in milky, creamy, or thick textures.

Usage time

Typically, face wash should be used in the morning time for a squeaky clean and fresh feeling. Massage cleanser or face wash on your face for 30-60 sec not more than that. Face cleanser should be used at night to remove makeup, dirt and grease accumulated in the whole day from the skin surface.


Many individuals opt for face wash over regular soap bars because it's gentler on the skin and doesn't strip away natural oils. Face wash is softer in comparison. However, cleansers are even gentler and milder than face wash.

Is it possible to use both Face Wash and Cleanser on my face?

Using both products on your skin is suitable depending on your skin type. If you're exposed to factors like air pollution, dirt, heat, and dust throughout the day, it's recommended to start with a cleanser followed by a face wash for thorough cleansing and removal of particles from your face. Traditionally, face wash is typically recommended for oily skin, while cleansers are preferred for sensitive skin due to their mildness. However, nowadays, both terms are often used interchangeably.

For oily but sensitive skin, incorporating both a cleanser and face wash into your skincare routine can help prevent irritation. Double cleansing is essential for acne-prone and oily skin to thoroughly clean pores and remove build up. Additionally, if you wear heavy makeup, double cleansing is effective in completely removing makeup residue and cosmetics.

Start your day with a face wash for a deep cleanse and rejuvenation. After workouts or at night, opt for a cleanser to remove accumulated dirt and oil. You can switch between the two based on how your skin feels after cleansing, whether it's extremely dry or oily.

Wrapping Up

Both face wash and cleanser aim to eliminate excess oil, dirt, dust, and pollutants from your skin. However, their additional benefits and suitability depend on your skin type. You can even combine both according to your preference. Clean skin is crucial for the effective performance of other skincare products. Face wash is ideal for oily and acne-prone skin, while cleansers are better suited for dry and sensitive skin.

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