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The 5 Best Face Massage Rollers in 2020

You may have to book a treatment at the spa for a rejuvenating full-body massage, but you can give the same consideration and care to your face simply with the help of a portable skincare tool. Made with elements like jade, rose quartz, amethyst, or stainless steel, face rollers often look expensive and do pretty much as their name infers. A flat stone or metal surface rolls over the contours of your face to give an array of supposed benefits from decreasing puffiness and contracting skin to reducing the look of lines and allowing for products to be more easily absorbed.

But how much can roll a stone over your face do? Although jade rollers have been used in Chinese beauty rituals since the seventh-century, whether or not modern face rollers affect the look and feel of skin has become a hotly-debated topic in recent times as the practice has made a comeback.

The 5 Best Face Massage Rollers

Dromen co facial roller promises to help ease the nervous system & aid in the removal of toxins. It helps to increase the blood flow underneath the skin granting a visible glow on the face. The Stone is naturally cold but practising it after kept in the fridge will aid in increasing blood circulation, drain clogged lymph nodes, stimulate collagen production and aids in sinus problems. A great way to balance chi and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. A great anti-ageing medium.

Amethyst Roller

Amethyst is a natural precious gem connected to the crown chakra. The stone is also identified as the stone of "Peace, Wisdom, and Protection". Dromen co double-sided Amethyst Facial Roller draws positive energy while relieving your body of any negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, fear, and despair. It aids in stimulating collagen, improving skin elasticity, blemish, acne, wrinkles, saggy skin & aids in skin infection. A great luxury anti-ageing tool. Use at least 4-5 times a week for long term results.

Rose quartz

Jade is a real stone stuffed full of exquisite minerals and oxygen. It is normally referred to as "The healer of the heart". Our facial roller has a beautiful pink crystal which has possible energy that resonates the heart chakra. It has an amazing ability to reduce inflammation and support the renewal of skin cells. It helps in healing and restoring. A great way to bring extra oxygen to the skin which in return will assist in developing the skin colour, the texture of the skin and will grant an organically beautiful glow. It's a great anti-ageing tool that helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Jade Facial Roller

Jade is a common stone with excellent minerals qualities. It is also recognised as a "Symbol of grace and beauty". Dromen co jade facial roller guarantees to help ease the neurotic system & aid in the removal of toxins. It helps increase the blood flow underneath the skin granting a visible glow on the face. The Stone is naturally cold but using it after kept in the refrigerator will aid in enhancing blood flow, drain congested lymph nodes, spur collagen production and helps in sinus issues. A excellent way to balance chi and lessens fine lines and wrinkles. A great anti-ageing tool.

Jade Spike Roller

Jade Is a natural stone with ornamental minerals. It signifies beauty and grace. Our spike jade roller is intended for intense massage therapy for the face and body. It's well-congested lymph nodes, acupuncture points, collagen production glands, sinusitis point and clogged nerves. It also helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles and boosts blood flow. For the body, It's a great tool for decreasing cellulite, maximising blood flow and opening of the tangled nerves.

Gua Sha Face Massager

A facial gua sha tool is more potent than a roller because it operates on deeper layers of the skin. Depending on the pressure, and the pace and direction, a gua sha can either lift or de-puff, work on outside lines or deep muscular tension. It is a magic tool! Both tools can help in temporarily raising blood flow, brightening skin tone, and improving skin elasticity.

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