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Asian beauty items have surprised the world over the most recent couple of years. Asia is a fortune trove of antiquated beauty secrets that are controlling the beauty world in new ways continually. Jade roller is one such device that is exploding right now. Jade rollers improve blood flow, support lymphatic seepage, reduces the sacks under your eyes right away, and leave you with characterized features.

What Is a Jade Roller Anyway?

A jade roller is a type of facial roller. Its design is very similar to a paint roller. But, it's a mini size and usually has two rollers, one on each end. Both are made with jade stones as smooth as a polished marble countertop.The first roller is a large jade stone intended for large skin areas such as the cheeks or neck. And the second is a small jade stone designed for smaller areas such as under the eyes.

Why Jade?

How to Use Jade Roller 


Prized for its ability to relax muscles and provide balance, jade symbolizes beauty, prosperity, and grace. And in some cultures, jade is recognised as the stone of eternal youth.

It so happens, jade rollers are not a new modern beauty trend. In Style magazine reports, that they have been in use since the 7th century in China to improve health and circulation. As well as balancing the chakras, detoxifying the body, and who knew encouraging harmony and prosperity.

5 Ways Jade Rolling Benefits your winter Skin Care Routine

1.The main benefit of jade rolling is to encourage drainage of the lymphatic system's natural detox process. Often noticing an immediate improvement of reduced swelling and puffiness.

2.And the massaging by the facial roller leads to increased blood circulation – making your skin glow while releasing tension in the facial muscles, and improving skin elasticity. Over time you may notice your cheekbones look more defined. 3.Jade rolling Immediately cools and calms. Perfect for use after at-home facial steam!

4.Additionally, jade rolling helps to erase dark under-eye circles and brightens the complexion.

5.Last, but not least, the massaging effect of jade rolling also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by tightening pores and stimulating facial muscles.

How Often Should You Use a Jade Roller?

Jade rolling is best incorporated into your nightly skincare routine so it becomes a habit toward building a healthy complexion. Although you can sneak it into your morning skin regimen too if you have time. Most of us prefer a quick and simple morning refresh for the skin.

You may also find jade rolling helpful during allergy season or when you have a cold and your face feels puffy.