How to Use Gua Sha? Uses, 6 Benefits -

While the innovation-driven, high-tech front of the beauty universe is involved testing with microcurrents and incorporating fancy new components, there's also been a contemporary return to more old-school beauty therapies of late. One such instance is gua sha, a way of facial massage with crystal tools, which has been doing the rounds in the skin-care sector for thousands of years. With roots in the early medical stories of China and Southeast Asia, gua sha is seldom known as "spooning" (no, not that kind) or "coining" because of its long history of make-shift home practice.

How to Use Gua Sha

Facial gua sha is more influential than a roller Once you have the basics hair, a gua sha tool fits like a Swiss Army knife, one device with a dozen roles and practices. Depending on your stress, which edge you use, your speed and control, you can either lift or de-puff, work on surface lines or deep muscular tension."

Of course, this popular skin-care strategy isn't all sunshine and Instagram likes. Facial gua sha needs the correct technique to reap the benefits and avoid mishaps


a facial gua sha tool is more powerful than a roller because it operates on deeper layers of the skin. Depending on the pressure, and the pace and direction, a gua sha can either lift or de-puff, work on exterior lines or deep muscular tension. It is a magical tool!

Both tools can help in temporarily improving blood circulation, brightening skin tone, and improving skin elasticity. What's not to like concerning this practice?

We live very busy lives, so practising a gua sha tool or a jade roller can help with uncoiling the daily accumulation of stress for a better life and a more glowy skin. Remember, the jade roller is a big trend at the moment, and just like any distinct trends, there are some good and some bad aspects to it. No, a jade roller will not modify your skin overnight, but it is a pleasure to use and does work on depuffing eyes. If practised once or twice a week as part of your skincare ritual, you will see contrast and your skin will thank you.

Direction -

1. cover the clavicle area using an up-and-down movement.

2. Next, do an extensive up-and-down roll on the neck.

3. After this goes to the jawline. Here, turn to a back-and-forth roll that begins at the center of the chin and goes toward the ear, replicating this up to cheekbone.

4. On forehead replicate the upward roll, beginning from the middle of the face and going outward toward temples.

5. flip the machine over to use the more petite addition under eyes—in a parallel motion toward the temple. This is more comfortable to do with a double-sided jade roller, like Dromen & Co.

6. To complete the routine, use the smaller roller once more down the nose, propelling it in a parallel motion.