Heard Of Makeup Papers? Here’s Why You Might Want To Try It

Most of us have used blotting papers, which were a revolutionary product for my combination skin type, but have you heard of makeup papers? Think of those colourful post-it sticky notes that come in several shapes and sizes, laden with makeup—you take one, press and sweep it on the skin, and discard it after using. “You can use the makeup paper to apply the product on the face, even when you are on the go as the application time is minimal,” says Kanishka Jain, Founder & Director of Dromen & Co. | Apothecary. Imagine not needing to carry palettes around or go through the hassle of using makeup brushes and worrying about their hygiene. Makeup papers are a transformational way of making makeup hassle-free, quick, on-the-go, and easy to apply. “You don’t have to worry about the hygiene and sanitary part as well since these papers can be used and discarded,” she adds. These are available in different variants like highlighter, blush, bronzer, foundation and mattifying papers.

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