Exercises to Reduce Double Chin

Many of us get embarrassed seeing that extra layer of fat under our chin which is specially visible under the lens. Isn’t it?

Double chin also called submental fat in medical terms is nothing but a layer of fat that gets deposited under the chin area or around the neck. The reason for accumulation of this fat is mostly weight gain but sometimes it is due to genetic reasons or when the skin of the area becomes loose due to ageing.

What if you have your weight in control but still find your selfies  hinting at that extra bit of fat under your jawline? Relax, there is no need to freak out. Often people with healthy weight too develop a double chin. You can always get that chiselled and sharp jawline with some targeted face exercises. 

Its important to understand that once we cross the age of 30, our skin starts to degrade even if we use the best of organic skin care products. The key to look younger is making face exercises a part of your skincare regime.

These exercises will help melt face fat and improve blood circulation and making them a part of your daily routine will help you achieve sharp cheekbones and a prominent jawline very soon.

Lets take a quick look at some highly effective facial exercises that will help you get rid of stubborn double chin, give you that enhanced smile and take away years from your face all at the same time. If done diligently, you can witness the results in just a month's time.

1. Pushing the lower jaw - With your face facing in the front, try moving your lower jaw forward and backward while keeping your chin raised. Repeat it atleast ten times.

2. Face Lifting - This exercise targets your facial muscles around the upper lip thus preventing the area from sagging. Try opening your mouth as wide open as you can and flare the nostrils.  Hold on at this position for ten seconds and then relax. Repeat it for 10 times.

3. Ball Exercise - Get rid of the annoying double chin with this simple ball exercise. Pulling down helps target the loose facial and neck muscles. You need to place a 10 inch ball under your chin and then try pushing the ball by moving the chin down and pressing the ball. You can use a cricket or tennis ball for this exercise. Doing this twenty times everyday will give you visible results in a month’s time.

4. Produce the OO- EE Sound - One of the simplest facial exercise, all you need to do is make sound of OO and EE using exaggerated facial expressions and movements. This exercise targets the muscles between nose and upper lip as well as your lip area effectively and gives you a toned face.

5. Make Chewing Gum a part of your daily routine - Yes chewing is the simplest way you can reduce a double chin without actually feeling that you are exercising. Your face and chin muscles are continuously working while you chew your favorite gum and this results in strengthening of the jaw muscles and to

6. Tongue roll and stretch - Keep your head straight and try rolling and stretching your tongue towards your nose as much you can. Hold on for 10 seconds and repeat this process after a 10 second few times.

7. Try the Fish Face workout - Pouting is not just trendy but can help you achieve that dream jawline. All you need to do is suck in the cheeks and hold on for twenty seconds. Take a break and again repeat for atleast five times.

8. The Lion or Simha Pose - Fold your legs and sit in Vajrasana with your palms kept on your thighs. With your head upright and back straight, stick out your tongue. Stretch your tongue as much as you can and make a roaring sound like a lion. For best results, repeat it six to eight times.

9. Pushing forehead with hands - Eye brow lifting - This exercise helps in toning the muscles of your forehead and gives an overall chiseled effect to your face. Make a victory sign with your fingers over your eyebrows. Now by applying pressure on your skin, push it down and then pull it up and repeat this atleast ten times.

10. Sideway mouth exercise - Try making a fish face with your lips joined and forming a pout. Now move the pout once to your left, back to centre and then to the right. Repeat it eight to ten times.  This facial exercise targets the lip and cheek area.

These exercises will tone your facial muscles and help you get that chiselled and strong jawline.

Apart from the above given exercises, you can also use  chin masks  to bid adieu to Double Chin. There are various chin masks available in the market today that contain anti ageing and skin tightening ingredients like collagen, ceramides, hyaluronic acid and adenosine. These help contour your jawline making it firmer. These chin masks are clinically tested and suitable for every skin type be it oily, dry, combination or normal skin.

Its always better to go for safe, vegan and cruelty free chin masks rather than opting for surgeries which are risky and expensive too. These double chin masks tightens and tones the target areas to give your face a sculptured look without causing pain or discomfort.

There are masks that you can wear while you indulge in housework or while relaxing. Made up of breathable fabric, they are skin friendly, durable and help in reshaping your facial contours. There are also ones that you can wear to bed and wake up with a tighter and younger jawline and face.

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