Best Facial Oils for Unique Skin Types

Oils are the one ingredient that can do wonders for your skin if used correctly and in moderation. Remember how mothers, and grandmothers give newborn babies a nice oil massage before bathing them? They do it because different oils have different nutritional properties that benefit the skin and overall health. Even skincare products contain several oils that help repair damaged skin and replenish it.

While the usage of oils for different skin types may vary, it is important to use at least some type of oil to keep skin problems away. There are also special oils that are targeted just for the face. However, you cannot just look for the best face oil for glowing skin in India on the internet, use it, and expect to get flawless skin just like that. You need to study your skin and be careful with the oil you use for your skin type.

Through this blog, I will help you expand your knowledge about facial oils and the different skin types they go best with.

Facial Oils for Different Skin Types

Oily Skin

There’s a common misconception that people with oily skin do not need skin oils because their skin produces more oil than usual. In reality, because the skin produces more oils because of more oil depletion on the skin than usual. By using lightweight, non-greasy oils, people with oily skin can benefit without getting their pores clogged. Some oils that work good on oily skin include –

Argan oil
Tea tree oil
Grapeseed oil

    These oils have antibacterial properties which nourish and cleanse the skin by working like an astringent. They tighten the pores and control sebum production - thereby controlling the oil levels and giving the skin a natural glow.

    Dry Skin

    Dry skin requires the most moisturization and hydration. Oils can help restore the high moisture needs that dry skin needs. Certain oils can help lock in the moisture in the skin itself to prevent further dryness. People who live in dry and non-humid climates generally face extreme dryness of the skin. Here are some oil that helps restore moisture in dry skin –

    • Extra virgin coconut oil
    • Almond oil
    • Apricot kernel oil

      The presence of fatty acids in these oils helps boost the production of collagen and improves the elasticity of this skin.

      Combination Skin

      Combination skin is a bit sensitive on the parts, a bit dry, and can be a bit oily too. It requires special care to keep it in the best condition from the outside and within. The oils I have mentioned below absorb easily into the skin and control oil production - all while nicely moisturizing the skin.

      • Jojoba oil
      • Marula oil
      • Flaxseed oil

        These oils keep the skin thoroughly nourished and full of sufficient moisture. They also work to reduce inflammation and prevent premature skin aging.

        Sensitive Skin

        Sensitive skin can get inflammed pretty easily. This skin type is tricky to deal with and people with sensitive skin need to maintain strict skin care routines to keep their skin in good condition. The following oils work great to control the inflammation, reduce redness, and prevent acne on sensitive skin:

        • Aloe vera oil
        • Moringa oil
        • Rosehip oil

          The antioxidants in these oils help eliminate free radicals in the skin, which prevents acne and premature aging. The aloe vera oil also has a cooling effect on the skin, which is great for inflammation, and red spots.

          Normal Skin

          Normal skin requires neither too heavy nor too light facial oils. With oils that lock in just the right amount of moisture into the skin, normal skin can get great benefits and a natural glow. The oils that are the most helpful for normal skin are –

          • Coconut oil
          • Jojoba oil
          • Marula oil

            These oils nourish the skin with rich moisture, making it supple and smooth. If you’re looking for the best beauty products for women, investing in these oils would be a great decision. 

            How to Use Facial Oils?

            Face oils are not meant to be used while they are still concentrated. The best way to use essential oils is by mixing a few drops of them with your moisturizer, massaging it in a circular motion on the skin, and leaving it overnight.

            And that’s all about it! For best results, use a face massage roller from Dromen & Co.’s wide range of face rollers, and give your skin some well deserved pampering!