5 Best Blotting Paper for Oily Skin

On days when you can't be worried about cosmetic, or when you simply forget to pack the shine-wicking setting goods, blotting paper is your best bet. Unlike tissue, blotting papers are created out of an extra-absorbent material that usually includes ingredients such as rice, cotton, and even flaxseed. Much like cosmetic or any other oil-sopping product on the market, absorbing sheets work their magic by soaking up excess sebum on the skin, subsequently making it look and feel more matte. If you don't want your complexion to be perfectly shine-free, they've still got you covered, as you can always just use the sheets to target specific areas you want to be mattified while leaving others — like your cheekbones — still dewy. More perks to using blotting papers? They don't agitate your makeup and are compact, making them super-easy to tote around with you for mid-day touch-ups. Oh yeah, and they're usually pretty wallet-friendly, too. If you're still not sold, scroll through to find 5 preferences from skin experts, which might just convince you to add blotting sheets to your routine.

Dromen co Green Tea Bloating Paper-:

Dromen & Co Apothecary Green tea blotting paper is infused with natural green tea extracts and 100% real pulp. Specifically developed for hot and sticky environments, this fragile paper is perfect for oily skin. The paper absorbs excess oil and dirt from the surface of your skin. The green tea flecks/extracts have skin clearing properties and cure acne. It eliminates the excess shine from the face and gives a subtle matte look.

Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets



Clean and Clear is blotting sheets come in a thin little packet which easily fits into your tiniest clutch. These soft silky soft sheets do a great job in absorbing oil leaving no extra 'film' on the face. It never smudges the makeup but completely removes dust to keep the coat neat and prevents breakouts.

Pink Blush Paper



These come in four alternatives namely, Matte, Fresh Face, pink blush paper, and Tea Tree. These amazing blotting papers not only help to make your coat look fresh and oil-free but also have some remarkably helpful ingredients to fight the skin dilemmas and leave the skin renewed. Also, the matting effect is long-lasting which means a pack of 50 oil sheets will go a long way.

Bronze Highlighter Paper



The Body Shop is always much loved for their skincare inventions and their "Tea Tree" range proved to be an absolute savior for the oily skin beauties out there. No wonder this range has got amazing beautifully fragranced oil blotting tissues infused with tea tree oil to fight acne while giving a wonderfully clean finish to the face. It also keeps your makeup mess-free. Undoubtedly one of the best oil blotting sheets in India.



Magic Cotton Pads one brand which never fails to amaze me with their extraordinary products, be it for makeup or skincare. The pureness oil cotton pads also sound promising. These are highly suitable for sensitive skin as are formulated without Parabens, Sulphates, and Phthalates. The papers contain powerful oil-absorbing ingredient sebum as well as lipid peroxide leaving makeup intact.