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Why the Dream Combo?

Dromen & Co Vitamin C Serum, Jade Facial Gua Sha, and Jade Facial Roller is a game-changer which helps fight skin issues such as reducing fine lines and wrinkles, boosting collagen production, and sculpting your face providing ample amount of nourishment with a natural glow to the skin. It is the best skincare routine with effective and long-lasting results.


Dromen & Co Vitamin C serum helps fight skin issues including hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, fine lines, and wrinkles and brightens the skin. The serum is formulated with naturally accumulated Vitamin C for the best skin care treatment. The Rosehip and Jojoba oil in this formula helps you to achieve effective moisturizing and act as an anti-aging ingredient which helps in boosting collagen production while the Vitamin E in this healthy skin booster formula provides an ample amount of nourishment to the skin. Use regularly at night to get effective and long-lasting results.

Dromen & Co Jade facial roller promises to help relax the nervous system & aid in the removal of toxins. It helps boost the blood circulation beneath the skin granting a visible glow on the face. The Stone is naturally cold but using it after being kept in the refrigerator will aid in increasing blood circulation, drain congested lymph nodes, stimulate collagen production and helps in sinus issues. A great way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. A great anti-aging tool.

Dromen & Co has Jade Gua Sha Facial tool helps to rejuvenate your skin, fights the signs of aging, and helps in face sculpting; enhancing your natural beauty. The tool is designed for every skin type since it fights impurities and signs of aging at the same time.

Directions to use

  • Cleanse your face in the night
  • Apply some Vitamin C Serum drops on your face
  • Spread the serum evenly using your Dromen & Co Jade facial Roller
  • Use our Jade Facial Gua Sha to massage in upward motion
  • Use the serum regularly at night to get radiant and even skin
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