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Buy Amethyst Facial Roller

Amethyst is a natural precious stone linked to the crown chakra. The stone is also known as the stone of “Peace, Wisdom, and Protection”. Our double-sided Amethyst Facial Roller attracts positive energy while ridding your body of any negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, fear, and depression. It helps in stimulating collagen, improving skin elasticity, discoloration, acne, wrinkles, saggy skin & aids in skin inflammation. A great luxury anti-aging tool. Use at least 4-5 times a week for long-term results.

Amethyst Facial Roller Benefits

  • Improves collagen
  • Great for addressing active breakouts (Acne experts)
  • Amplifies the far-infrared rays (Heat held from the sun in the skin) utilized to stimulate fibroblasts plus lead to collagen production.
  • Excellent for healthy aging as well as healing scars.
  • Helps with insomnia and can calm emotional breakouts.
  • Removes fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Attracts positive energy.
  • Crystals do benefit inside and out.

Caution: While using the roller, be gentle with the strokes, because it is a handmade natural stone product.

Skin Type: Oily & Acne Prone Skin

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Dromen & Co Magic Cotton Pads

Our unique magic cotton pads are infused with olive oil oleate that quickly restores and nourishes tired skin. Our cotton removes make-up without using any make-up remover or cleansing solutions, but just with a little bit of water. It is best for basic cosmetic needs and is an amazing dual on-the-go cotton swab.

Magic Cotton Pads Benefits

  • Better For Your Body
  • Organic Pads Are Breathable
  • Stay Comfortable All Day Long
  • Protect Wildlife With Natural Pads
  • Healthy & Affordable
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Buy Bronze Highlighter Paper

A fine blend of bronzing powder and 100% pure pulp for an instant highlighting effect.
Our bronze highlighter paper absorbs excess oil from the face and can also be used as a highlighter and an eye shadow. It adds radiance and glows to the desired areas of the face and body, without the use of a brush or a sponge.

It is easy to use and infusing the optimum amount of carefully matched ingredients to assure maximum benefits of makeup in minimum time. Also, when used as an eye shadow, it gives you a perfect day and a night look without too much effort.

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Dromen & Co Pink Blush Paper For Fair Skin

Blush powder-infused papers are lightweight, compact and easy to use on the go and give you a flawless look.

Blush paper refreshes your facial tone and has the potential to improve skin texture. Luxurious mini sheets instantly absorb excess oil from the facial skin surface in return giving a beautiful blush glow, that looks radiant and subtle without the use of a brush or a sponge. These portable blush papers are designed to effortlessly enhance dull, worn skin for an instant natural blush look.

Rs. 299.00 Rs. 999.00

Dromen & Co Green Tea Blotting Paper

Green tea blotting paper is infused with natural green tea extracts and 100% pure pulp.
Specially developed for hot and humid environments, this delicate paper is ideal for oily skin. The paper absorbs excess oil and dirt from the surface of your skin. The green tea flecks/extracts have skin purifying qualities and cure acne. It removes the excess shine from the face and gives a subtle matt look.


Bleached Kraft Softwood Pulp, Green Tea

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